Daddy Daydreamer

My brother is turning 43—I miss him dearly

My kids remind me of my little bro and myself

Two brothers

I still enjoy seeing my boys walk down the street to catch their school bus. I don't need to accompany them, but I love to sneak a peek from our picture window as they waddle to their stop. I imagine their conversations. Sometimes they jostle, punch each other playfully. Sometimes they race to the end of the street. I can't help but . . .

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March 21, 2019

Watch out for this telephone credit card scam

A fraudster tried to rip me off. I'll still tell my kids to give people the benefit of the doubt

Lock on top of credit cards and keyboard

I teach my kids that people are generally kind. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'm a bit naive, but I choose to live this way.

I know it's not all rainbows and unicorns. There are bad people in this world. So I teach my kids to be skeptical, too. It's a good thing to know when to raise your shields.

One morning, . . .

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March 04, 2019

I'm getting better at letting my kids fail

Sometimes it's better to step outside our comfort zones

Street signs labelled Failure and Success

I find it hard as a parent to let my kids fail.

My son was getting ready for soccer practice. I used to remind him, item by item, to pack all his things.

"Do you have your water bottle? How about your cleats? Your shin pads? Ball? Socks?"

I got tired of reminding him. To be more accurate, I got tired of needing to know. One . . .

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February 14, 2019

Forgiveness is a powerful thing

I damaged a friendship beyond repair. Years later something wonderful happened

Two friends sitting on dock by long grass

This post contains course language, vulgarity and sexual references. Some readers may find certain passages offensive and/or distasteful.

SHE WAS A LOVELY PERSON AND FRIEND. But I had wrecked our friendship.

By no means was it intentional, she was more collateral damage than anything. Caught in the wake of my manic . . .

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January 30, 2019

This is where they used to live

I wanted to stand in the same space my parents and brother used to, so I knocked on the door

Two kids sitting on a hill holding hands in winter

The moment I stopped perceiving time as linear, a new world arose.

I jogged toward the little red bungalow. A man washed dishes behind the kitchen window, his silhouette bathed in dim fluorescent light.

This was my parents' home in the early 1970s, before I was born. Mom and Dad pointed it out to me a while ago. At the time, I . . .

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January 09, 2019

Are you ready for Christmas?

I would love to stop feeding the consumerist orgy

Red and green gift boxes

"Are you ready for Christmas?"

I get asked this question often. I ask it, too. Around the holidays, it seems to be a run-of-the-mill inquiry, like "What's goin' on?" or "How are you?"

Christmas seems to be something we "do." We are busy "doers."

When I ask people how they're doing, a very common response is, "Good. Real . . .

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December 21, 2018

A homeless man gave me the gift of perspective

We live in such a connected world, but sometimes I feel it's never been easier to be lonely

Homeless people talking

The door opened to a sidewalk of slush and grey skies. I exited the bus, negotiated my way around some hurried pedestrians, then crossed the road.

I saw him, sitting on his corner. Bank Street and Albert, downtown Ottawa.

Ruddy, pock-marked face, sandy-brown beard. And a smile that stretched from ear to ear. Many people walked . . .

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December 05, 2018


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